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Your 2024 Board of Directors is here to give you a helping hand!!!

L-R  Tina Polich, Sandi Thomopson, Lyn Trayte, Shari Mikolajczyk, Scott Murphy, Pat Alberti, Rick Swanson & Edie Chudnow (missing is Debbie Jacquez)


Spring 2024 Fountain Hills Community Chorus Board of Directors


                            President:  Scott Murphy  480-479-9396

Vice President: Edie Chudnow  882-303-3698

Secretary: Sharie Mikolajczyk  480-485-4509

Treasurer:  Debbie Jacquez  410-241-0606

 Publicity/Social Media:  Tina Polich  480-205-6025

Membership/Communication:  Lyn Trayte   602-739-0095 

Hospitality:  Pat Alberti  480-252-4132 

FHCCA Liaison: Sandi Thompson  480-510-8973

Librarian:  Rick Swanson  480-816-5757

Non-Voting Members:  Matthew Frable & Joan Evans

Board Meetings

Watch for future Board Meeting Dates & Times

Meetings held at the Fountain Hills Community Center prior to Rehearsal

All singers welcome to attend

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