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The non-audition Chorus, founded in 1991 by a group of Fountain Hills residents, sings in four-part harmony and is open to all who love to sing and desire to grow musically. The Fountain Hills Chamber Singers is an auditioned small group of singers from within the Chorus.
In addition to concert performances during the spring and holiday seasons, the Chorus, the Chamber Singers, and other small ensembles are available to perform at community functions.  Members of the Chorus have also performed at events like the Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, the Anniversary of The Sound of Music in Salzburg Austria, as well as Group Concerts with other Choral Groups who gathered in Hawaii and Ireland. 
The Chorus, funded entirely from membership dues, concert ticket sales, grants, and donations, is part of the nonprofit Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association.

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For more than 20 years, Mrs. Breting was the face of the Fountain Hills Community Center. She managed the original facility for 17 years, and she and husband Ken were heavily involved in the design of the current center.

Evelyn then became a director of volunteers and special events at the new center. Her volunteer work was quite extensive since moving to Fountain Hills from Ohio in 1982.

Evelyn was also instrumental in forming the Cultural Council and Public Art Committee.  Following the Town’s incorporation, she served on the interim Parks & Recreation Commission and the Facilities Advisory Commission.  She’s received many awards including the Spirit of Community Award and  was a long-time member of the Historical Society, Civic Association and an honorary member of the Noon Kiwanis.

With a musical background, she joined other community leaders to initiate the Community Chorus in 1991.  The past and present members of the Chorus will always be grateful for her dedication & enthusiastic support throughout the years, & for all that she did for the Chorus.

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